CAEH 2023

Keynote Speeches & Plenaries

Concurrent Sessions

Thank you to all the fantastic presenters without whom the National Conference on Ending Homelessness would not be possible.

Please click on the stream names below to view the session video recordings and PDF presentations available for each stream. 

AWH A Way Home – Youth Homelessness Prevention
ARH Accelerating Reductions in Chronic Homelessness
ARH1 Responses Towards Ending Chronic Homelessness
ARH2 Federal Action Research on Chronic Homelessness (ARCH)
ARH3 Preventing Chronic Homelessness
ARH4 Evolving Practices in Coordinated Access Systems
ARH5 Using Data to End Homelessness
CA Campaigning and Advocacy
COH Canadian Observatory on Homelessness – Research and Policy
COH1 The Role of Data in Measuring Progress and Adapting Solutions
COH2 Learning from New Approaches to Homelessness and Housing Support
COH3 Innovative Solutions for Improving the Success of Local Homelessness Systems
COH4 Lessons from Homelessness Responses in Rural Areas and Small and Medium-Sized Cities
COH5 Guided by Research: Promising Innovations and Neglected Areas
PVN Canadian Observatory on Homelessness – Prevention
HCH Health Care and Homelessness
HF Housing First
IEH Improving Equity in Homeless Systems
IH Indigenous Homelessness
LCM Leadership, Improvement and Change Management
LCM1 System Transformation and Performance Management
LCM2 Finding Housing Opportunities Through Community Housing
LCM3 Governance Approaches Towards Ending Homelessness
LCM4 Leaders – Supporting Yourselves & Your Workforce
LCM5 From NIMBY to YIMBY (Yes, In My Back Yard!)
LCM6 Housing Focused Shelter, Bridge Housing, and Hybrid Transition-in-Place Supportive Housing
LCM7 Successful Landlord Engagement
LCM8 Seeing homelessness differently: innovative initiatives in Quebec
LE Lived Experience
LE1 Strategic Perspectives on Building Lived Experience Advisories
LE2 Canadian Lived Experience Leadership Network Presents: Seven Principles of Engagement and Inclusion of People With Lived Experience
LE3 From Insights to Action: Lived Experience at the Forefront of Housing Solutions
LE4 Sharing peer knowledge for systems change: Across the education and housing systems
LE5 Designing for Equity in Homelessness Solutions: Tools for transformation
LE6 From Extractive to Empowering: Redefining Storytelling and Narrative in the Housing Landscape
LE7 Power and place: amplifying voices for housing justice
LE8 Beyond a seat at the table: Making engagement meaningful
NS Nova Scotian Local Content
PG Paula Goering Memorial Scholarship
RRH Rural, Remote, and Northern Homelessness
RTH Realizing the Right to Housing
RUH Responding to Unsheltered Homelessness
TT Training and Technical Assistance

TT1 – Training is Essential in the Homeless Serving Sector

VH Veterans Homelessness
WH Women’s Homelessness

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