CAEH 2017

Keynote Speeches & Plenaries

Concurrent Sessions

Thank you to all the fantastic presenters without whom the National Conference on Ending Homelessness would not be possible.

Please click on the stream names below to view the session video recordings and PDF presentations available for each stream. 

Day 1 – October 25, 2017

LPP1: Helping Our Clients and Ourselves: Creating Psychologically Informed Environments

LPP2: Systems Approaches to Ending Homelessness

IH1: Models of Indigenous Leadership in Community Planning and Program Development

IH2: Living in Indigenous Sovereignty: Colonialism, Indigenous Homelessness, and Non-Indigenous Engagement

WH1: Community Response to Homelessness for Women in Winnipeg: The Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

20K1: Introducing a New Problem-Solving Infrastructure

HF2: Housing First for Women, Trans Individuals & Families: Challenges and Lessons Learned

AWH1: Youth Voice

COH1: Research Roundup

LPP3: Addressing Homelessness in Rural and Small Town Canada

IH3: Perspectives on Indigenous Homelessness and Housing First for Indigenous Peoples from Australia and New Zealand

20K2: Enhanced Enumeration – Combining Point-in-Time Counts and Registry Weeks to Support By-Name Lists

HF3: Preventing Discharge into Homelessness with Housing First

AWH2: Youth Homelessness Prevention

COH3: Legislating the Prevention of Homelessness

Day 2 – October 26, 2017

LPP6: Models for Engaging People with Lived Experience of Homelessness

IH5: Case Studies on Addressing Inuit Homelessness in Nunavut and Montreal

WH3: Summary of the Outcomes of a National Symposium on Women and Housing

20K3: Lessons from 20,000 Homes Campaign: Bright Spots & Challenges

HF6: Engaging landlords in Housing First

COH5: Power of Networks for Mobilizing Knowledge to End Homelessness

COH6: Housing First for Youth and Making the Shift: When Outcomes Drive Implementation

LPP7: How to Be an Awesome, Housing-Focused Shelter

LPP8: How to Be an Awesome, Housing-Focused Shelter

IH7: l’taamohkanoohsin- (Everyone Comes Together)

IH8: Homelessness for Indigenous Youth

WH4: Gender Matters: Differential Experiences of Finding Home for Women

HF8: The ‘How and Why’ of Housing First Fidelity Assessment

AWH4: Navigating Systems

COH7: Preventing Homelessness: From a Framework to Implementation

COH8: Understanding Indigenous Homelessness Through Innovative Research Methods

LPP9: Using Data to Drive Decisions, Funding and Practice

LPP10: Building Bridges to Housing: Supporting Homeless Adults with Mild Intellectual Disabilities Through Multidisciplinary Care

IH9: Mino Kaanjigoowin: A Holistic Response to Mental Health Services for Homeless Men

IH10: A Focus on Housing and Homelessness for Indigenous Women

WH5: Violence Against Women, Housing and Homelessness

HF9: Adapting Housing First to Local Context

HF10: Addressing Home Takeovers of Vulnerable Individuals

COH9: Preventing Homelessness in the Big City: Development, Displacement, Urban Policy and Claiming Space in Toronto and Vancouver

COH10: Understanding Youth Homelessness

Day 3 – October 27, 2017

LPP12: Rehousing and Reintegrating Older Adults into Supportive Housing: Montreal and Calgary-based Case Studies

IH12: The Right to Housing for First Nations and Options for Indigenous Independent Housing

HF11: Housing First Roundup

AWH6: Research to Action

COH11: Let’s have an Adult Talk About LGBTQ Homelessness in Canada

AWH6: Research to Action

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