CAEH 2019

Keynote Speeches & Plenaries

Concurrent Sessions

Thank you to all the fantastic presenters without whom the National Conference on Ending Homelessness would not be possible.

Please click on the stream names below to view the session video recordings and PDF presentations available for each stream. 

Day 1 – November 4, 2019

AWH-1: Youth Voice – Turning Listening into Action

AWH-2: Housing First for Youth – Serving Distinct Youth Populations Effectively

AWH-3: The Prevention Continuum

CA-1: By-Name Lists & Coordinated Access Systems 101

CA-2: Building Will and Leading Change in Coordinated Access

CA-3: Beyond Implementation of Coordinated Access: Using Data for Continuous Learning and Growth in Large Urban Centres

HCH-1: Housing as a Social Determinant of Health: Needs and Responses of Older Adults who are Experiencing Homelessness

HCH-3: Improving Access to Healthcare Services to Save Lives

HCH-4: Youth Services: Successful Youth Programs and Prevention for Youth with Disabilities

HF-1: Implementing and Sustaining Housing First Evidenced-based Housing Support Programs

HF-3: Person-Centred Strength-Based Case Management and Service Planning for Unique Clients Through a Housing First Approach

HF-4: Examining Innovative Approaches to Housing Stability and Eviction Prevention

HF-5: Collaborative and Innovative Housing First Outreach Models

IH-2: Improving Indigenous Homelessness Engagement and Mobilizing Cultural Practices

LPP-1: The Latest on HIFIS: Creating a Community-wide and Outcome-oriented System  

LPP-4: Encampment to Housing: Rethinking Street Outreach and Responding to Rough Sleepers

LPP-6: Campaigning to End Homelessness: Lessons in How to Achieve Political Change

RPCOH-1: Systems Planning and Collective Impact: A Comprehensive Solution to Ending Homelessness

RPCOH-2: Driven by Data: Strategies for Tracking and Sharing Program Outcomes

RPCOH-3: Meaningful Engagement with People with Lived Experience in Research

RRH-3: Rural Solutions as Critical Drivers in the Shift Towards the Prevention of Youth Homelessness

WH-1: Street Level Women at Risk: A Collaborative Housing First Model

WH-2: Gender, Family and Homelessness: Understanding Health and Improving Programming to Meet the Need

Day 2 – November 5, 2019

CA-6: Driving Reductions and Reaching and Sustaining Functional Zero

CA-8: Leveraging HIFIS 4 in the Quest for Functional Zero: A Rural Community’s Experience

HCH-6: Health Care and Legal/Administrative Partnerships to Prevent Eviction: From Concepts to Models

HCH-7: Healthcare Roundup: Principles of Participatory Research, Solution to Elderly Homelessness and Developing a Trauma-Informed Community of Practice

HF-8: Learnings from Recent Research on Program Fidelity in Adult and Youth Housing First Programs

HF-9: Clinical Supports for Housing First Clients

IH-4: Indigenous Culture and Housing First

IH-5: Culture, Gender, Safety: Programs for Indigenous Youth and Families

LPP-7: Integrating Lived Experience in Planning

LPP-8: The Role of Public Libraries as Partners in Serving Vulnerable Populations

LPP-10: Innovative Approaches to Supportive Housing

LPP-11: Promoting Inclusion of Lived and Living Expertise at the Table

RPCOH-5: Social and Structural Exclusion and Homelessness: From Belonging to Criminalization

RPCOH-6: Research Roundup: Broader Policy Interests and Implications

RRH-4: Building Partnerships and Maximizing Limited Regional Resources for Effective Interventions, Housing and Services

RRH-5: The Impact of Funding for Rural and Remote Ontario, Saskatchewan and Yellowknife

WH-4: Continuum of Solutions to Women’s Homelessness

WH-6: Sex Work, Sex Trafficking and the Justice System

Day 3 – November 6, 2019

AWH-7: Beyond Housing – Changing the Trajectory

CA-9: Common Assessment Tools Café

CA-10: Safe, Inclusive and Culturally Appropriate CAS

HCH-8: HCH-8: Acute Care Best Practices for Patients Experiencing Homelessness: Lessons from the ARCH Model

HF-10: Effective Housing First Case Management

LPP-12: Trauma-Informed Care: Building Awareness and Understanding

LPP-13: Ending Homelessness: Planning, Housing, Collaboration and Harm Reduction

PCOH-7: Modelling Prevention: Program Teachings Across Canada

RPCOH-7: Supporting Housing Access and Retention: Research and Practice in Housing Stabilization

RRH-7: Innovation in Rural and Remote Communities

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