CAEH 2018

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Concurrent Sessions

Thank you to all the fantastic presenters without whom the National Conference on Ending Homelessness would not be possible.

Please click on the stream names below to view the session video recordings and PDF presentations available for each stream. 

Day 1 – November 5, 2018

LPP2: Family Homelessness

COH1: Building a Portrait of Homelessness in Canada: Identifying and Addressing Data Gaps

COH2: Housing & Homelessness in the Canadian North

LPP3: Exploring Peer Involvement

IH3: Tsi iakwanakere (Our Community): Indigenous Culturally Relevant Service Models for a Safe Place to Call Home

WH3: Women’s Homelessness in Europe: Lessons for Canada?

HF3: The Practicalities, Challenges and Successes of Housing First in Europe

HF4: Lessons and Successes in Housing First Collaborations

AWH2: Youth Homelessness Prevention

COH3: Lessons in Homelessness Prevention

COH4: Exploring Health Interventions and Outcomes Among People Experiencing Homelessness


Day 2 – November 6, 2018

Opening Plenary

LPP5: An Introduction to By-Name Lists

IH6: Lessons on Housing First for First Nations and Inuit Peoples from Montreal

WH4: Weaving Gender into the National Housing Strategy

WH5: Facing Homelessness: An Arts-Based Exploration of Homelessness for Women

HF5: Challenges, Learnings and Successes: Housing First Implementation in Small, Rural Communities

HF6: Programs and Services to Support People Discharged, Exiting Care, and Released from Corrections

COH5: Research Roundup

COH6: Knowledge to Action: Mobilizing Research to Impact on Policy

LPP8: Lessons from the Implementation of HIFIS 4

WH7: Exploring Research on Women’s Homelessness

HF7: Evaluating Housing First: Process and Results from Four Collaborations

HF8: A Focus on Housing: Transforming Shelters to Housing First Providers

AWH4: School Based and Early Interventions

LPP9: Systems Integration and Community Planning

LPP10: Homelessness in Later Life: Insights and Experiences from Across Canada

IH10: Exploring models of Housing First for Indigenous Peoples

WH8: Building a Peer Support Program to Fit Your Organization

HF9: Assessing the Fidelity of Your Housing First Program: An Interactive Workshop

COH9: Building Effective Partnerships

COH10: Bridging Research and Practice: A Case Study of Two Housing First for Youth Demonstrations from Ottawa and Toronto

HF10: Innovative Housing First Supports and Programs

Day 3 – November 7, 2018

LPP11: Using Early Intervention and Shelter Diversion to Prevent Chronic Homelessness

WH10: Examining Homelessness for Newcomer and Racialized Women

HF11: Projet Logement Montreal: Results of a Four Agency Housing First Consortium in Montreal

HF12: Models for Embedding People with Lived Experience of Homelessness as a Housing First Best Practice

AWH6: Changing Organizational Culture to Better Support Young People

COH12: Realizing the Right to Housing in Canada Through the National Housing Strategy

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