CAEH 2016

Keynote Speeches & Plenaries

Concurrent Sessions

Thank you to all the fantastic presenters without whom the National Conference on Ending Homelessness would not be possible.

Please click on the stream names below to view the session video recordings and PDF presentations available for each stream. 

Day 1 – November 02, 2016

LPP1: Homelessness prevention

LPP2: Tools to support lived experience and inclusion and leadership

AWH1: Leaving Home: A National Study on Youth Homelessness in Canada

AOS1: Local, regional and national collaboration to improve outcomes for women

20K1: Registry Weeks 101

HF1: Introducing the CAEH Training & Technical Assistance Program

HF2: Adapting Housing First to local context

IH1: Creating and sustaining collaborative relationships between Aboriginal and mainstream partners

RPP1: Understanding supportive housing through research and evaluation

RPP2: Understanding Homelessness in Canada: The National Shelter Study and the 2016 Coordinated PiT Count

LPP3: The art and science of prioritization for housing

LPP4: The role emergency shelters play in ending homelessness

AWH2: Using a Human Rights approach to end youth homelessness

AOS2: Innovative models of supportive housing for women

20K2: Using the campaign for engagement and advocacy

HF3: Implementing Housing First with diverse populations

HF4 Trauma informed care in Housing First delivery

IH2 :Developing and delivering culturally safe services in mainstream organizations

RPP3: Sustaining and Scaling Up Housing First

RPP4: Defining homelessness

Day 2 – November 03, 2016

LPP5: Ending homelessness through performance measurement

LPP6: Mobilizing faith communities to end homelessness

AWH3: Communities leading change: case studies in community planning and implementation

AOS3: Voices of women: mothers and children

20K3: Developing and implementing By-Name Lists

HF5: Housing First: the basics

HF6: Clinical practices in Housing First for diverse populations

IH3: Housing First for Indigenous Peoples

RPP5: Measuring Homelessness: alternative strategies

RPP6: Populations experiencing homelessness

LPP7: Lived Experience Advisory Council: Activist and ally networking session

LPP8: The evolution of plans to end homelessness

AWH4: Real Talk: Lived Experience informing the dialogue on youth homelessness

AOS4: Roundtable: continuing conversations & connections from coast to coast to coast

20K4: Community Self-Assessment

HF7: Housing procurement and strengthening participant tenancy

HF8: Linking to mainstream services

IH4: London’s Urban Aboriginal Homeward Bound Program

RPP7: State of Homelessness in Canada: 2016

RPP8: Homelessness Partnering Strategy Roundtable

LPP9: Ending homelessness for Canadian veterans

LPP10: Solving homelessness in London

AWH5: Stopping the revolving door: prevention in action

AOS5: Reducing homelessness for women through trauma-informed inclusive services

20K5: Developing a coordinated homelessness system of care

HF9: Harm reduction in Housing First

HF10: Tools and strategies of strong Housing First teams

IH5: Models of supportive housing for Indigenous Peoples

RPP9: Research roundup

RPP10: Innovative use of datasets

Day 3 – November 04, 2016

LPP11: INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP – Moving the Needle Through Messaging and Media

LPP12: Models of collaboration with health care systems that improve care and reduce homelessness

AWH6: Staying connected: Housing options for urban and rural youth

AOS6: Research infl uencing and impacting system change

20K6: Identifying and disseminating bright spots and addressing common challenges

HF11: Housing First in supportive housing environments

HF12: Housing First expert roundtable

IH6: Innovative responses to Inuit homelessness in Ottawa and Montreal

RPP11: ‘If I had a million dollars…and could do Housing First…’

RPP12: Prevention of family homelessness

Other – Evening or non-session presentations

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