Canadian Observatory on Homelessness – Research and Policy – COH

COH1: Spotlight on Race and Racism in Housing and Homelessness

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The Strengths and Resilience of Racialized People with Lived Experience who are also Frontline Workers – Ashley WIlkinson, School of Health Sciences, University of Northern British Columbia; Alana Jones, Director Housing Access and Support Services, Fred Victor Housing

Seeing in Colour: A Framework to Address Anti-Black Racism in Housing and Homelessness – Marie Cecile Kotyk, Doctor of Design Candidate, University of Calgary

Mapping the Pathways to Black Youth Homelessness – Nathan Okonta, Research Assistant, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness; Emmanuel Banchani, Postdoctoral Fellow, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, York University

COH2: Reconciliation in Research and Practice

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Relational Ripple Effects: Transforming relationships and systems through The Victoria Declaration – Renee Beausoleil, PhD Candidate, University of Alberta; Janine Theobald, Director of Collaborative Engagement, Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

Journey to Reconciliation: Indigenous Perspectives on Homelessness Prevention – Jessica Rumboldt, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness; Betty Edel, Director – Housing Supports, End Homelessness Winnipeg

How Indigenous Youth Peer Mentorship Can Act as a Path Forward – Hugette Carty, Manager, Dilico Anishinabek Family Care

COH3: The State of Homelessness in Canada: Using Federal Data

Working with Homelessness Data Sources: Community and National-Level Data – Annie Duchesne, Government of Canada; Sajidul Quayum, Policy Analyst, Infrastructure Canada- Homelessness Policy Directorate, Community Policy and Programs Branch Group

How Many People Experience Homelessness in Canada? A New National Estimate – Annie Duchesne, Government of Canada

Homelessness Prevention and First-Time Emergency Shelter Users in Canada – Ian Cooper, Director, Homelessness Policy Directorate, Infrastructure Canada

COH4: Role of Data and Planning in Homelessness Prevention

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Comparing the Homelessness Plan Experiences of Small Canadian Cities: Insights for Policy and Practice – John Graham, Professor, School of Social Work, UBC, Okanagan

Is Artificial Intelligence the Right Tool for Preventing Homelessness? – Geoffrey Messier, Professor, University of Calgary, Department of Electrical & Software Engineering

What Analyzing Canada’s Largest Qualitative Dataset on Social Services can Teach us About Prevention – Alina Turner, Co-President, HelpSeeker Technologies; Travis Turner, Co-President, HelpSeeker Inc; Jesse Donaldson, EVP, HelpSeeker

COH5: Research Roundup

Service Restrictions from Homeless Shelters – Nick Kerman, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Climate Change and Homelessness: A call to action and emerging evidence on responding – Mariya Bezgrebelna, PhD student, York University

Creating Home Together: Supporting Women and Gender-Diverse People Through Housing Transitions – Aoife Mallon, Project Lead, Sistering; Adrienne Pacini, Partner, SHS Consulting; Anastasia Papakirykos, Lived Expert Advisor/ Peer Researcher, Sistering

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