Accelerating Reductions in Chronic and Veteran Homelessness – ACV

ACV1: Government of Canada’s Approach Towards Ending Chronic and Veteran Homelessness

The Impact of the Shift to a Broader Understanding of Chronic Homelessness – Patrick Hunter, Manager, Infrastructure Canada

Helping Inform the Government of Canada’s Approach to Ending Chronic Homelessness – Jacqueline Rivier, Policy Analyst, Government of Canada; Jonathan Rivard, ESDC

The Government of Canada’s Veteran Homelessness Program – Noah Turner, Junior Policy Analyst, Infrastructure Canada, Government of Canada; Manuela Duque, Policy Analyst, Infrastructure Canada

ACV2: Ending Veteran Homelessness

Collaborative Solutions to Ending Veteran Homelessness – Andrea Ness, Manager, Housing Access, Homeward Trust Edmonton; Danika Forbes, Team Lead, Housing Access, Homeward Trust Edmonton

London, Ontario – Elle Lane, City of London – Laura Cornish, Manager – Housing Stability Supports, The City of London

Veterans Connection to Home – Jason Green, Veteran Connections Lead, Human Development Council

ACV3: Toronto’s Rapid Rehousing Initiative, STARS Assessment Tool, and Use of Data to Drive Change

Innovative Partnerships Drive the Successful Outcomes of Toronto’s Rapid Rehousing Initiative – Dan Kershaw, Executive Director, Furniture Bank; Renee Lavallee, Street Outreach Programs Officer, City of Toronto; Ashley Fontaine, Manager Community Resolution, Toronto Community Housing

Toronto’s STARS Common Assessment Tool – Alison Kooistra, Ms., City of Toronto; Stephanee Doucett, Indigenous Programs Coordinator, Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle

How Toronto’s Shelter System Flow Data is Driving Change – Stephanie Malcher, Diploma: Social Work, Corrections and Degree: in Sociology, Manager, City of Toronto; Wondu Amenu, Research Analyst, City of Toronto

ACV4: Care Conferencing – Examples of Person-Centred and Data Driven Service Coordination Approaches Towards Ending Homelessness

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Supporting Person-Centered Care Planning for People Experiencing Chronic Homelessness: Lessons Learned from the Beyond Housing Care Conference Table – Savhanna Wilson, Associate Director, Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness; Kate Francombe Pridham, Research Program Manager, Unity Health Toronto

Service Coordination Deep Dive: Buckets – Rian Watt, Strategy Lead, Community Solutions; Emma Beers, Senior Policy Analyst, Homebase

ACV5: Co-creating and Collaborating: Indigenous Coordinated Access Approaches

Co-creating and Collaborating: Indigenous Coordinated Access Approaches – Amy Reinink, End Homelessness Winnipeg, Betty Edel, Director – Housing Supports, End Homelessness Winnipeg

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