Responding to Unsheltered Homelessness – RUH

RUH1: Ending Homelessness for People Living in Encampments in Canada

PDF Presentation – Iain DeJong, President & CEO, OrgCode Consulting Inc.

RUH2: Resilience and Resistance: An Encampment Counter-Narrative

‘We Are Not the Virus’ – Evaluation of Encampment Outreach Supports in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic – Zoë Dodd, Community Scholar, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital, Unity Health; South Riverdale Community Health Centre

The Encampment Paradox: Claiming and Violating the Right to Housing – Sue-Ann MacDonald, Université de Montréal; Caroline Leblanc, Making the Shift, Making the Shift

Une recherche participative et ethnographique sur la réalité des personnes qui habitent la rue: leurs besoins, leurs forces et leurs capacités – Caroline Leblanc, Making the Shift

RUH3: A Tale of Two Cities: The Rise of and Response to Unsheltered Homelessness

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Edmonton’s Coordinated Approach to Encampment, Caitlin Beaton, Program Manager, Homelessness Prevention, City of Edmonton; D. Aidan Inglis, Director of Programs, Boyle Street Community Services

Community Engagement- A Collaborative Approach to Addressing Encampments, Christina Leader, Coordinator, Shelters/Homelessness, City of Greater Sudbury; Stefany Mussen, Manager, Corporate Security and By-law, City of Greater Sudbury

Housing-Focused Response to Encampments, Mo Amin, Project Coordinator – Outreach, Homeward Trust Edmonton; Kendra Good, Manager, Housing and Outreach, Bissell Centre

RUH4: How to Respond with Compassion and Collaboration to the Complexities of Encampments

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A Person-Centred, Collaborative Approach to Encampment-Response, Kevin Webb, The Calgary Drop In Centre

Reducing Displacement and Supporting Rough Sleepers towards Stability, Charlene Wilson, Director of Programs and Services, Calgary Alpha House Society; Cody Snoxell, Team Lead, Calgary Alpha House Society

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