Housing First – HF

HF1: New Directions in Fidelity Assessment of Housing First Programs

New Directions in Fidelity Assessment of Housing First Programs – Tim Aubry, Professor, University of Ottawa, Wally Czech, Director of Training, CAEH

HF2: Research on Housing First

The Impact of COVID-19 and the Associated Public Health Responses on the Health, Social Well-Being and Food Security of Users of Housing First Services in Toronto – Cilia Mejia-Lancheros, MPH, PhD, Research Fellow, MAP Centre for Urban Health Soluctions

The impact of Financial Incentives on Service Engagement of Homeless Adults – Vicky Stergiopoulos, Clinician Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Nadine Reid, Manager of Evaluation, PSSP, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Predictors of Housing Instability Among People Who Have Received 24 Months of Housing First Services – Ayda Agha, Graduate Student, University of Ottawa

HF3: Variations in Housing First Programs

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CMHA Ottawa’s Condominium Program: Building Success in Housing First – Leif Harris, Making the Shift; Stéphanie Manoni-Millar, PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa; Lisa Medd, Program Manager, CMHA Ottawa

Housing First / Act Team Model Applied to the Criminal Justice System: the lessons we learned – Jason Medford, Vocational Case Manager specialist, Cota

Youth Housing First and the Natural Supports Framework – Sarah Ali Sanchez, Program Manager, Trellis Society for Community Impact; Tandi Purych, Program Manager, Trellis

HF4: Housing First Principles in Practice

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Using Qualitative Analysis and the Housing First Theory of Change to Assess housing Stability, Healthcare Services, and Social Support: Gender-Based Analysis of Data from the At Home/Chez Soi Study – Samira Alfayumi-Zeadna, Postdoctoral fellow, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions; Melissa Perri, University of Toronto

Clinically Focused Housing Navigation: Supporting Consumer Choice in a Coordinated Entry System – Andrea Dakin, Senior Director, Shared Program Services, AIDS Foundation Chicago

HF5: The Essential Role of Training in Ending Homelessness

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Training that Saves Time, Staff, and the Homeless – Wally Czech, Director of Training, CAEH; Jody Yurkowsky Pace, Training Specialist, Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness; Quinn Moerike, Housing First Training Specialist, CAEH

Leading the Change in Training – Katie Thomas, Training Coordinator, Homeward Trust Edmonton

HF6: Landlord Engagement

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Going Beyond Landlord Engagement – Increasing Opportunities and Outcomes in a Housing First Context – Vanessa Stewart, Manager, Landlord Relations, Homeward Trust Edmonton

HF7: Facilitating Housing Retention 

How Harm Reduction and Housing First led to Long-Term Stability – Charlene Wilson, Director of Programs and Services, Calgary Alpha House Society; Sarah Lamping, Housing Manager, Calgary Alpha House Society

Housing UP! Expanding the Effectiveness of ‘Housing Retention’ – Shawn MacKeigan, Director, Men’s Services, Mission Services of Hamilton; Reinaldo da Silva, Manager, Housing UP!, Mission Services of Hamilton

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