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Want help solving homelessness? Become a Built for Zero Canada community

May 12, 2019 - 11:00 pm / News

Join us and begin the end of homelessness in your community. Built for Zero Canada works with dozens of communities across Canada, providing them with necessary help and connecting them to a plethora of resources to end chronic homelessness.


We are now inviting applications from communities interested in joining the Built for Zero Canada (BFZ-C) movement starting in fall 2019. We anticipate adding up to an additional eight communities. BFZ-C is an ambitious national change effort helping a core group of leading communities end chronic homelessness – a first step on the path to eliminating all homelessness in Canada.

Interested communities must complete the APPLICATION due June 28.

BFZ-C is building off the momentum of the 20,000 Homes Campaign, which wrapped when its 38 participating communities housed 21,254 of Canada’s most vulnerable Canadians.

Watch the video below and learn more about how we got here and why communities have joined the cause:


What’s in it for your community?
  • A structured and supportive process with a step by step approach to ending chronic homelessness;
  • Two learning sessions per year, which bring together participating BFZ-C communities to one place to learn, network, hear from experts and walk away with practical next steps, tools and more resources to get to functional zero chronic homelessness;
  • Dedicated Improvement Advisors who will assist and support your work on a regular basis;
  • Group and individual data support to help you;
  • Group and individual community coaching;
  • Access to the best and latest proven approaches to ending homelessness from the BFZ-C and expert faculty including nationally and internationally recognized experts, government partners, Away Home Canada, the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, and the CAEH Training and Technical Assistance, among many others;
  • Access to a Change Package that includes all of your community data and planning tools in one place, a compendium of over 200 change ideas, and a complex problem-solving toolkit;
  • Working with peers for innovation, knowledge capture and group problem-solving;
  • Learn about quality improvement;
  • Weekly newsletter.
We are focused on:
  • helping communities adopt proven practices, deploying existing resources more efficiently, and using real-time data, rapid cycle testing and human-centred design to improve performance;
  • engaging leadership from the government, private and philanthropic sectors in securing new resources for communities and removing policy roadblocks; and,
  • connecting communities to one another for innovation, knowledge capture and group problem solving.

Communities can contact Built for Zero Canada Director Marie Morrison for more information:

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