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CAEH launches national Recovery for All Campaign to end homelessness, once and for all

May 26, 2020 - 7:00 am / News

Today we launch Recovery for All, a national advocacy campaign led by the CAEH, asking Canadians to encourage Parliament to make bold investments in housing, homelessness and income support to end homelessness in Canada, once and for all. Will you join us?


We are fighting for an end to homelessness in Canada.

That’s why, today, we’re launching an ambitious national campaign, Recovery for All. This campaign encourages Parliament to make the right investments in a post-covid recovery that not only stimulates the economy but helps those who need it most. If done right, this recovery effort can end homelessness in Canada, once and for all.

Let’s make history together. Join us now.

This campaign is audacious. But now is like no other time before. We need your voice to help make history. Will you join us?


Our six-point plan to end homelessness

Thanks to input from our partners and networks across Canada, we have created a six-point plan to end homelessness. These six tenets will help Canada not only recover from COVID-19’s impact, but build a better, stronger country that leaves no one behind.

  • A federal commitment (with timelines and targets) to the prevention and elimination of homelessness, with expanded federal investment in community-based homelessness responses.
  • A national guaranteed minimum income to ensure those in greatest need have minimum financial resources to help them meet their basic needs and prevent homelessness when times are tough.
  • Construction of 300,000 new permanently affordable and supportive housing units and enhanced rental support for low-income Canadians to address Canada’s housing and homelessness crisis.
  • Meaningful implementation of the right to housing to surface and resolve inequities and systemic/structural breakdowns that contribute to homelessness and housing need.
  • Implement measures to curtail the impacts of financialization of rental housing markets by limiting the ability of large capital funds (including Real Estate Income Trusts – REITS) to purchase ‘distressed’ rental housing assets.
  • Implementation of an Urban and Rural Indigenous Housing and Homelessness Strategy that is developed and implemented by urban, rural and Northern Indigenous peoples and housing and service providers.

Read the full six-point plan by clicking here.

How we win

By getting the federal government to invest in a COVID-19 recovery for all Canadians. To do this, we aim to get over 10,000 Canadians to join us on this campaign journey by signing up, sharing content, displaying their campaign support, and contacting their MPs and Senators across the country.

This support from Canadians across the country is critical, displaying to our government that there is genuine, widespread support for what we are proposing.

How you can help

We’re hoping you can help us by following our asks below.

  • Sign up for the campaign at
  • Send out a personal and/or organizational email to your contacts (Board, staff, supporters, volunteers, donors, friends and relatives) to encourage them to sign up (we have sample email copy and photos in the Dropbox folder) while also sharing our campaign website and video.
  • Share the campaign website on social media through your personal and organization pages (making sure to add a comment as to why you are supporting the campaign).
  • Change your and/or your organization’s social media cover image (we have included some options for you in the Dropbox folder).

We have created a Dropbox folder (click here) where we are putting campaign tips & key documents (including our 6 Point Plan), sample email copy, social media cards, social media cover images, logos and images for your use.

Thank you for supporting the Recovery for All campaign.

Let’s build a better Canada, for all.