Realizing the Right to Housing – RTH

RTH1: Advancing Culturally Safe Housing: An Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy

PDF Presentation – Margaret Pfoh, CEO, Aboriginal Housing Management Association, Celeste Hayward, Director, Operations, Aboriginal Housing Management Association

RTH2: More than Four Walls and a Roof: Ensuring Adequate Housing

How Standards of Excellence and Quality Assurance Systems are essential in realizing the right to adequate, safe, and stable Supportive Housing – Noora Badr, Manager, Supportive Housing, Homeward Trust Edmonton

Journeys to Home – Georgia Mackenzie-MacPherson, Project Coordinator, Homeless Connect Toronto; Alexander Zsager, Community Researcher, Homeless Connect Toronto

RTH3: Housing is a Human Right, Not a Commodity: The Impacts of “Financialization”

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PDF Presentation – Martine August, Professor, University of Waterloo, Nemoy Lewis, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson)

RTH4: Claiming the Right to Housing in Canada

PDF Presentation – Emily Paradis, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Federal Housing Advocate, Canadian Human Rights Commission

RTH5: Dismantling Inequity and Reclaiming Human Rights

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Systemic Barriers to Housing with a Disability Lens: Shifting from Bureaucratic to Human Rights-Based Policies – Cas Star, B.A. Honours, M.A. Psychology, Lead Research Assistant (Ottawa), Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

A National Housing Strategy by and for Whom? Linking Lived Expertise to the Progressive Realization of the Right to Housing – Laura Pin, Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University; Jessica Annan, Research Associate, University of Calgary

Realizing the Right to Housing for Criminalized Women and Gender-Diverse People – Sarah Gelbard, Housing Development Coordinator, CAEFS

RTH6: From Rentals to Tent Cities: Preventing Evictions

Minimum National Standards for Tenant Protections: a Preventative Approach to Addressing Homelessness – Aditya Rao, Senior Research Officer, CUPE; Bahar Shadpour, Director of Policy and Communications, Canadian Centre for Housing Rights

The Right to Shelter & Encampments in Canada – David DesBaillets, Postdoctoral Fellow/Canadian Housing Evidence Collaborative Scholar , Human Rights Research Educations Centre; Sarah Hamill, Assistant Professor of Law, Trinity College Dublin

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