Partners’ Agreement

By becoming a partner of the CAEH individuals, organizations agree:

  1. To support the mission of preventing and ending homelessness in Canada;
  1. That an end to homelessness in Canada will be achieved when no Canadian individual or family stays in an emergency homeless shelter or sleeps outside longer than one week before moving into a safe, decent, affordable home with the support needed to sustain it;
  1. To act within their capacity to achieve that mission;
  1. To support the four core principles of the Housing First philosophy that form the basis of community plans to end homelessness:
    • consumer choice and self-determination in all housing and support services;
    • provide direct access to permanent housing with the support necessary to sustain it;
    • housing is a Human Right and is not conditional on sobriety or program participation;
    • social inclusion, self-sufficiency and improved quality of life and health to the greatest extent possible is the ultimate objective of housing and support services

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